Blind Leading the Blind

Blind Leading the Blind

Good afternoon sister, how are you?  I just wanted you to stop by and know that Jesus loves you and he is in control, even if things seem out of control.  I hope this post builds you up today!

Luke 6:39

39 He also told them this parable: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit? 

The Old Comedy Central

I think about the short films called The Three Stooges. This comedy show aired between 1922 and 1970, considered by many to be the most notable comedy team in television history. The main characters were Moe, Larry, and Curly.  They were a slapstick comedy team, and whenever they tried to work together to get something accomplished, they would get in each other’s way.  When Moe would try to lead Larry and Curly, it would be like trying to put a square peg in a round hole!  These three men would “knock” each other around.  Yes, literally a punch here, a kick there; and instead of learning and growing, they seemed to go in circles most of the time.  I even remember the famous two-finger eye poke!  Talk about the blind leading the blind!  

Jumping off a cliff

Now, The Three Stooges was a funny show that you can turn off once you are done watching and go about your day, but our Savior talks about “real” blindness that made the difference between life and death.  Here in Luke 6, Jesus is on a mountain in the midst of two groups of people:  His disciples (including his newly appointed apostles) and a great crowd from Judea, Jerusalem, and the coastal area of Tyre and Sidon.  Out of these two groups, Jesus hones his attention to his disciples as he begins his sermon on the beatitudes, and he is still referring to his disciples (as future leaders) when he spoke a parable in verse 39:  “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they, not both fall into a pit?  

In the past, I thought of this as a general proverb.  I mean, why would anyone want to follow someone who is blind?  Not following a blind person is a no brainer, right?  As a teenager, my mama would have a recurring conversation with me.  Whenever there was a party and there was not enough information for my mama or the place and time wouldn’t work, this is how our conversation went.  I would say, “But my friend fill in the blank is going.”  She would reply, “If fill in the blank leads you to a cliff and jumps off, are you going to jump off too?”  If it was up to what my mama said, and the many times she said it, all of my friends would be living in a rainforest valley from cliff jumping right now!  I hear Quinault rainforest in Washington State is beautiful…I should go and visit my childhood friends there.   

Much More than a Show

My mama (how I miss you!) was worth me listening to, but here in Luke 6 Jesus, the creator of the very ground beneath them all, wants us to listen to Him.  He presents blindness, as not the kind you can laugh at and turn off once the show is over.  No, this blindness is substantial, a chronic matter of life and death. Since Jesus is talking to his disciples (yes, those who would be his early church), He wants them to know what a weighty matter it is to be blind.  Jesus would not have his disciples be “blind guides”, as he clearly called the Pharisees in Matthew 23:24.  Sure, we are to stay away from false teachers who could lead us to a great fall, but we should especially apply this lesson to ourselves first and foremost. 

“Me! Me! Me!” 

This is one time where you can put yourself first!  Yes, when it comes to faults, look at yourself first and foremost as Jesus’ disciple.  Jesus doesn’t want our admiration of Him, but our complete devotion.  He doesn’t want us to be satisfied with head knowledge.  James 1:22 says:  But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

A person who is a hearer but not a doer is deceived, and can only lead others astray.  When we are doers of the word, then we are fit to be examples. We cannot teach others to obey scripture if we ourselves won’t obey.  We cannot teach others to confess their faults when we are not confessing ours.  We cannot teach others to love as Jesus loves when we won’t love.  If the teacher doesn’t know the way to heaven, how can he or she lead others there?  Pride takes our focus off the light of the world and causes us to look at our own merit.  When we do this, we are as good as blind. 

Are you teachable?  Do you stand on the word in order to stand taller than everyone else?  Or do you realize that you stand solely  because of the word?  Do you drag a log hanging from your eye across the room to take the speck out of your brother’s eye?  The word is your eye exam.  It can diagnose and treat our vision problems when necessary. 

Love the Way Jesus loves

If you read all of chapter 6, you will see Jesus talking about walking in love.  Jesus, the lover of our souls,  expressed how vital it is that we practice and mature in love.  In Dr. Constable’s commentary on Luke he stated:

  • It would be easy for a disciple to criticize those that he was instructing, and fail to realize his own faults, since he was in a position of a teacher.  It would be hypocritical (Plano Bible Chapel, p156).
  • If a disciple tried to teach his learner the importance of loving as Jesus taught, but did not practice that kind of love himself, he could not remove his learner’s knowledge deficiency.  His sin would be greater than his learner’s ignorance (Plano Bible Chapel, p156).

Wow!  This struck me.  We love, not just to strengthen our own walk with Jesus, but in order for those who learn from us to actually learn.  We should not measure our love walk by another person and therefore feel easily contented.  No, Jesus is our example to follow, and when we follow him we will be the right kind of disciple…the only kind of disciple.  The only kind of teacher.  We will then be fit when (not if) we disciple others.   Jesus does not want Pharisees…he wants disciples!


Let’s pray…..

Father thank you that your yoke is easy and your burden is light.  You will not expect something of me that your Holy Spirit will not empower me to do.  Help me to love, not as the world loves but the way you love.  Love is talked about everywhere I turn, but you are the definition of true love.  Help me to not lag and drag my feet on the way you would have me go according to your precious words, but help me to learn and practice loving.  Help me to recognize the opportunities you have put in my life to do this. May the word come alive in me and set fire in my heart.  In Jesus’ name.       Amen



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