Married But Feeling Alone

I can remember back when my kids were very young. My husband was putting in a lot of hours at work. I would find myself entertaining loneliness. Who invited you to visit me anyway? Loneliness would arrive in a 3 piece suit and bow tie; preparing beforehand for just the right time to stop by. And like a great magician, Loneliness muted all surrounding sounds and obstructed any surrounding light. I felt like I was sitting in an interrogation chair, under a dim spotlight with everything else in the room black. Waiting to be severely questioned. Only to find there was no one there. I was…… alone.

My emotions cried “Mutiny” and my sleep-deprived mind could not resist them. I became fast friends with resentfulness that convinced me to go against the head knowledge of how richly blessed I was.

I decided to call to talk to a godly older woman in my church (SS). I spoke to her about the loneliness I felt. The Lord used her in my life that time back in 2003 and I pray that her words of encouragement will help you today. She said:

  1. The Lord is the blessed controller of all things. For whatever reason, God has orchestrated these circumstances.
  2. God taught me not to react to my husband.”
  3. God is in charge, and if he wanted my husband to stay home, then he would BE home.
  4. God tried to teach me that I had to give Him first place in my life.
  5. If my husband calls and says, “I have to work late”, BE SILENT. Then start praying to God, “Since You are in charge and you agree with me, then let my husband come home. If you know that this is not a good time then don’t let him come home. (Isn’t it wonderful that we can talk to our Father like this?)
  6. The Lord taught her contentment.
  7. God did not allow her to make an idol out of her husband
  8. My first priority is to Jesus, then my husband, then my children.
  9. When the “If Only’s” occur……………………… TALK TO GOD!

I recently contacted her to tell her that I wanted to use this on my blog and this is what she said, “They all belong to the Lord, so of course!” I pray you can use even one of these to lighten your load.

Isaiah 41:10  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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