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Welcome to my blog!

Hello. I am so excited to go on this journey with you! This blogging idea has been dancing around in my head for some time, and now I am no longer procrastinating. When the thought of blogging came to my mind, I began to think, “Why have another website with blah-blahs, when there is so much noise going on with the internet anyway?”  There is a lot of bad stuff floating around; mostly bad news  So, then I started to think, “Why not?”  If this blog can become a positive contribution to the internet world; as well as to glorify my Lord, then it’s a win-win!

I want this site to be a place to encourage and strengthen you as you do this thing we call, “woman”.   We are natural-born hat jugglers. 

Single?  Married?  Mom? Public Schooler? Homeschooler? Employee?  Yep…I’ve worn the same hats as you. Stick around and let’s get the bigger picture together!

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